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Parental leave bill will not be amended

Legislation regarding parental leave is not going to change without a struggle. The new bill comes with a lot of extra costs, and not all employers agree with that. Nonetheless, the Minister of Social Affairs and Employment is uncompromising in his decision: the way parental leave - or birth leave - is stated in [...]

Solution to the rush hour problem: telecommute one day a week

Rows upon rows of idling cars, much tooting and honking, and still being late for work: who doesn't hate traffic jams? A new initiative from "Out of rush hour, into work" [Uit de file en aan het werk] reminds employees that they don't have to hit the road every day. If we all would leave [...]

Sick employees’ leave days: do they expire?

It is often the case that sick employees are not able to take all their leave days before the statutory expiration date. What happens to the expiry period in such cases? We will let you know in this blog! Vacation days lost? Many misconceptions exist around the topic of leave and sick employees. In [...]

Arranging leave days? Use this checklist!

Spring is on its way and the early birds among us have started planning their summer vacations with anticipation. A busy time is coming up for HR managers. The goal is to accept as many requests as possible, while following the rules and making sure enough people remain to keep the office running. The big [...]

Back late from vacation: what is the appropriate response?

HR managers sometimes have to deal with difficult situations. If an employee comes back late from a vacation without letting you know, it can cause problems at work. What do you do when an employee just shows up late? This blog describes the details of a lawsuit about this topic. One week late, immediately fired [...]

Vacation leave and special leave: laws, facts and figures

When it comes to vacation leave and special leave, a conflict of interest often arises: employees and employers have different priorities. That is why it is important to make clear arrangements ahead of time, about taking leave and the possibility of working part time. How did all of those different types of leave work [...]

Millennials and vacation days: what is your arrangement?

Dutch millennials are of the opinion that their vacations aren't enough.  A recent study has pointed out that they want to compensate high pressure at work with more leave days. Older generations, on the other hand, are relatively quite content. Why is this the case, and what can HR managers do? The mindset of [...]

Accessibility outside working hours: how do you deal with it?

Taking a minute to take a phone call, or answer an email on a day or evening off: do your employees accept this? Or do they rather turn off their devices, to enjoy a well-deserved break? Over 40 percent of employees in the Netherlands is of the opinion that it should be legally determined that [...]

Smoke breaks: how do you deal with them?

Taking a quick break during the work day; people who smoke do this regularly. What effect does this have on the ins and outs of company life? Research has pointed out that employees who smoke cost their employers thousands of euros on a yearly basis. If your staff contains multiple smokers, this can lead to [...]

Working from home: practical tips for HR managers and employees

Companies are increasingly giving their employees the option to work from home. There are several advantages to such an arrangement: there is no commute, you will have more time to spend with the family, and you can make your own schedule. As HR manager, it is important to make sure everything is on the right [...]

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