Dutch millennials are of the opinion that their vacations aren’t enough.  A recent study has pointed out that they want to compensate high pressure at work with more leave days. Older generations, on the other hand, are relatively quite content. Why is this the case, and what can HR managers do?

The mindset of the millennial

It is remarkable that millennials are not as happy with the current leave arrangements, because they and their older colleagues receive the same number of leave days. This probably has to do with the fact that millennials have a different mindset: they want to make the most of their life, and do not like to compromise. Their old-school colleagues want to get satisfaction out of their work, and do not mind a smaller number of leave days. Millennials do not like such a compromise: they want to get exactly what they envision, on every level.

Other than that, millennials tend to enjoy a different type of holiday than their older colleagues. The latter likes to take a week of relaxation in a cabin in the Ardennes, but the millennial is in for a more adventurous trip. Backpacking, or discovering new corners of the world: that is what the younger generation delights in. And that sort of thing usually takes more time.

Higher pressure, more leave needed

The millennial attitude and world view also has a positive side. Millennials demand greatness of themselves, and feel responsible for fulfilling their tasks. ‘Performance’ is key. Above all, life as a younger person has gotten a lot more hectic. That is why millennials feel like they need a vacation sooner; they want to take the time to shake off the work pressure and stress, so they can get back to work with renewed enthusiasm.

Make the difference: meet your millennials halfway

As HR manager, you need to be aware of the needs of older as well as younger employees. Do you meet the millennials at your company halfway? Are you offering flexible arrangements to reduce stress and optimize productivity?

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