Spring is on its way and the early birds among us have started planning their summer vacations with anticipation. A busy time is coming up for HR managers. The goal is to accept as many requests as possible, while following the rules and making sure enough people remain to keep the office running. The big question is: what should you look out for in a request? We have compiled a checklist with the most important points!

1. Reject? Only under certain conditions

In principle, it is up to your employees to decide when and how long they will take leave. A leave request may only be rejected when there is a valid reason to do so: the company’s interests need to be at stake to the point where the employee is indispensable during the requested period.

2. Bending the rules

In consultation with the employee, it is allowed to oblige them to take a vacation during a certain period. Certain other arrangements are also allowed. For instance, establish that direct colleagues may not take a vacation at the same time.

3. Right to equal treatment

Treat all leave requests fairly and consistently and be careful not to discriminate. Most of the officially acknowledged holidays are based on Christianity, but you may not refuse people of a different religion the right to celebrate their holidays. Usually, the collective agreement contains regulations for this.

4. Living day by day? Rather not

Take into consideration that there will be periods of high demand in leave requests, so make your employees hand in their requests way ahead of time. Inform your employees of the periods in which taking leave is not possible, for instance when it is an extremely busy and hectic time at the company.

5. Leave expiration dates

Strict rules apply when it comes to statutory and exceeding statutory leave days. It is important to communicate the expiration dates of unused leave to your employees and to stimulate them to take leave before it expires. Furthermore, according to the current legislation, sick employees should also be stimulated to take vacations.

6. It all comes down to good registration

When you are processing leave days, it is essential to keep a good overview. With increased pressure, this can prove to be quite difficult. Our user-friendly, cloud-based leave registration system makes it all that much easier. It keeps you and your employees up to date on everyone’s vacation scheduling at all times!

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