Taking a minute to take a phone call, or answer an email on a day or evening off: do your employees accept this? Or do they rather turn off their devices, to enjoy a well-deserved break?

Over 40 percent of employees in the Netherlands is of the opinion that it should be legally determined that accessibility outside of working hours is not obliged. Understandable, because symptoms of stress can quickly get ahead of you – and that could lead to being overworked. An important question for HR managers is: how do you make sure that employees can truly enjoy their time off?

‘9 to 5’: a good idea after all?

Working times are blurring. The traditional ‘9-to-5 mentality’ is not desirable anymore at many work places. Many employees are expected to be available in the weekend, in pressing situations. This relates to the New and Smart Working trends; more and more organisations allow employees to work from home, provided that they finish all their tasks. This liberty is often appreciated, but it now appears that not everyone likes a job with barely any room for free time. Many employees have an urgent need for sufficient rest and relaxation, in order to perform at an optimal level at work.

Provide fully free days

It is important to HR managers to know the whereabouts of all employees at all times. If you have 25 employees, scattered over multiple departments, then every department needs to have an overview of their leave. If you use a user-friendly, cloud-based leave registration system for this, everyone is informed of the leave days of their colleagues. This prevents unwanted messages on days off, and it promotes a healthy working environment!

Would you like to know more about the cloud-based leave management system offered by Leavedays.com? Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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