User opinion: “No more leave notes or complicated procedures” makes the leave registration process a lot easier for HR managers. Anja de Vries, employee of Testo who is in charge of finance and HR, discusses our leave registration application based on her experience. “ really works on good solutions, and truly listens to their customers. That’s a very positive thing!”

“The online application we were looking for”

“About four years ago, we started looking for a system which could also offer a time registration tool,” recounts Anja. Testo found the online application they needed when they discovered on the internet. “The implementation process was actually quite quick; we were very pleased with that. We were helped very well with making all the arrangements.”

“Higher efficiency and time-saving”

Before Testo started working with, they were using a different leave registration system, “which was good but laborious.” Anja explains: “ is a user-friendly system that is purely about leave registration. Everything is easily managed – for instance when an employee leaves the company, or when the year needs to be processed. The system is very well designed when it comes to such calculations, which span several months.”

Since Testo started working with, Anja has noticed a significant improvement: “We needed flexibility. We work with a lot of part-timers, and noticed that we lost track of them at some point. We were asking ourselves: who comes in at what time, exactly? Through this leave registration system, we have much more control. Our employees make leave requests in the system, which are then sent to their superiors for approval.” The result? Higher efficiency and time-saving: “We don’t have to deal with leave notes or complicated procedures anymore. That comes with a lot of advantages!

“Excellent support”

Anja speaks very fondly of’s support desk: “Especially in the beginning, we really needed their support regularly because of some small issues. For instance, our part-timers work their days according to a certain schedule, which we wanted incorporated into the system. then told us we would look for a solution together, and we got it worked out just fine!”

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