Streamlining the vacation schedule: how to stay on track?

The vacation season is coming up and the leave requests are starting to pile up on the desks of HR managers. Every employee is entitled to a well-deserved holiday. But how to make sure that everything keeps running smoothly at the office? In other words, how can you stay on track?

Create a win-win situation: some tips

Do you want to comply with as many requests as possible but also make sure the company does not suffer during employees’ absence? The following tips will help you on your way:

  • Take stock of duties

What will the working activities be during the vacation season? Map out the work duties to decide on the number of employees needed;

  • Limit tasks where possible

Try not to plan tasks like maintenance, employee training, and production in the summer or during school vacations. Furthermore, you could decide to close down the company for a short time;

  • Make clear agreements

How does the company deal with vacation requests? Do people with kids come first? Can extra leave days be taken during the most popular vacation times? Can an employee go on holiday for more than three consecutive weeks? Record such agreements in the contract;

  • Set a deadline for leave requests

Draw up a rough schedule as soon as possible by making employees hand in their leave requests very early;

  • Avoid being understaffed

When multiple employees take their leave at the same time, you can make arrangements to avoid becoming understaffed. Hire a temp, get interns, or let part-time employees come into work more often in the vacation season;

  • Strike up the conversation 

Do you have multiple employees wanting a holiday during the same time period, which is causing problems in the schedule? Talk it over with them, so that they can attempt to find a solution themselves. If they can’t compromise, you need to be the one to make the decision. Make sure to talk to the employee who didn’t get their way, and assure them that they will get first pick next time.

Good scheduling is half the trouble

It all comes down to good planning. When your HR manager, department managers as well as employees can see all leave requests in one overview at all times, the request and assessment process becomes much easier. That’s why you should use a reliable leave registration system which makes vacation planning simpler for everyone!

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