Leavedays in a nutshell: consultants at work

From implementation to refresher courses: the consultants at Leavedays.com guide their customers from A to Z. We asked Sjoerd van der Ham some questions about setting up companies with their Leavedays application and providing support. “It is a very fun process; I get to help people as well as catch a glimpse behind the scenes of all kinds of different companies!”

Smooth implementation

“When new customers have to transfer from their old leave registration system to Leavedays.com, I am the one to guide them along the way” recounts Sjoerd. Before starting implementation of the application, he makes an appointment with the administrator. “Before the meeting, I always send instructions ahead, so that the company can contemplate the specific wishes they have for the application. This way, I can arrange about 80% of the settings ahead of time. During the appointment, we will go into detail about the whole endeavor. My main priority is getting the application set up according to the customer’s preference.”

After all the settings have been put in place, it is time to add the leave balances of all the employees: “As soon as this information has been added, I send the administrator a model letter. This letter can be used to inform all the employees of the change to the Leavedays system. When everything is all set up, going live can easily be arranged over the phone.”

Extensive support

After about two weeks, Sjoerd calls in to see how things have been going. “After implementation, the Leavedays support team takes over, of which I am also a part. Leavedays has an extensive support website where you can find user manuals and answers to many common questions. We are also available via email on workdays and we offer support by phone from Monday until Thursday.” The Service-Level Agreement guarantees that a reply will be sent within one day, but in practice, you will surely get a reply within an hour or two: “We can often offer a solution right away, and if not, we always start working on it immediately.”

Refresh your knowledge? No problem!

The Leavedays system is very extensive in its functions, and thus administrators can always request a consult to refresh their knowledge of the system: “When a new administrator is put in place, it is not always as clear to them how their predecessor has arranged the system. In such cases, I can – upon request – visit the company to go over the ‘what’ and the ‘why’, and help them on their way.”

From time to time, a company requests a reorganization of their leave registration system. This is definitely a possibility, Sjoerd tells us: “In that case, I will discuss it with them and make arrangements, so that the application is fully up-to-date!”

Would you like to know more about implementing the cloud-based leave registration system of Leavedays.com? Or do you think you would benefit from a refresher course? Feel free to contact us!

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