Vacation days: 4 questions (and answers!)

Many questions exist in many offices about vacation days. These questions are coming from employees, but also from the HR department. Confusion is common, due to all the rules and regulations on leave. This blog answers 4 frequently asked questions about vacation days! 1. Which part of the salary should still be paid during a [...]

Special leave, special agreements: what are the possibilities?

Special leave is a widely discussed topic in HR land. Due to the fact that it is a very wide concept, HR managers have a lot of options to consider. This blog summarizes the most important points to consider. When is an employee entitled to special leave? The Work and Care Act prescribes that [...]

Parental leave: better work/life balance, better employees

The expansion of parental leave has been a hot topic in politics lately. A good work/life balance is crucial to employees, but also to employers. Psychological issues can be avoided when employees get the chance to create a good division between time spent at work and time spent at home. In short, all the [...]

Leave in all shapes and sizes: find simplicity!

There are numerous types of leave, and every type has its own laws and rules. This often makes it difficult to keep track of your leave registration. This blog offers tips for keeping it all organized! Simplifying types of leave Employees can request leave for various reasons. The question is: how specific do you [...]

How does selling and buying leave days work?

There's a new phenomenon in HR-land: the buying and selling of leave. More and more companies are taking part, because they want to offer their employees more flexibility. The question many HR managers are asking themselves is: what are the rules for selling and buying leave days? In this blog, we offer some tips for [...]

What to consider when assessing leave requests? 8 points of interest

The summer holidays are upon us, which means that many employees will want to take their leave. What should you pay attention to when it comes to leave requests? This blog contains 8 essential points of interest. Use these for a smooth leave planning process! 1. First rule of accepting or rejecting In principle, [...]

User opinion: “Clarity in leave and time registration”

The term "Efficiency" is music to HR managers' ears. A system that eases the leave registration process is therefore more than welcome at the average HR department. Miriam Sekeris, assistant HR manager at Yang Ming, talks about her experience with "Leave registration is much easier and clearer now. That is exactly what we [...]

Persistent HR trends: how to use them to your advantage

Some trends turn out to be more than just a hype, and don't evaporate like snow in summer. At present, a number of trends seem to be setting the tone for a fresh, new approach to HR. What do these trends entail, and how do you handle them as HR manager? 1. More customization, more [...]

Streamlining the vacation schedule: how to stay on track?

Streamlining the vacation schedule: how to stay on track? The vacation season is coming up and the leave requests are starting to pile up on the desks of HR managers. Every employee is entitled to a well-deserved holiday. But how to make sure that everything keeps running smoothly at the office? In other words, how [...]

User opinion: “No more leave notes or complicated procedures”

User opinion: "No more leave notes or complicated procedures" makes the leave registration process a lot easier for HR managers. Anja de Vries, employee of Testo who is in charge of finance and HR, discusses our leave registration application based on her experience. " really works on good solutions, and truly listens to their [...]