Working from home versus control: the reality of HR

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Working from home versus control: the reality of HR

Working from home versus control: the reality of HR

At macro level, working from home is definitely a positive thing: less traffic in rush hour, people can achieve more during the work day, and the economy gets a boost. Moreover, many employees are excited about the concept of ‘New Working’. More freedom, and more responsibility that comes with it: many would definitely say yes to that. However, not all managers have been convinced of the merits of this modern way of working. How can you possibly supervise employees who are working from home?

The advantages of working from home

‘Efficiency’ is the key word when it comes to working from home. Most people are more productive at home than they are at the office, because there is less disturbance. At home, they can be completely isolated from the outside world, which makes for much better concentration.

HR’s concerns

Managers tend to find it hard to let go of that little bit of control. What are the employees doing at home? Are they busy working? Or are they doing their overdue grocery shopping during work hours? The lack of supervision over employees who work at home is a problem in many workplaces. Still, HR-managers are realizing more and more that physical presence just isn’t part of the picture anymore in the spirit of New Working. Secretly, they would all like to benefit from the heightened efficiency and sense of responsibility in their employees. However, we first need to find an answer to some key questions regarding work at home, such as:

  • At what time did the employee start working, exactly?
  • How are they registering their project hours?
  • How can employees register travel time and breaks?

The solution: a registration app

Clocking in on an app that automatically gets access to your location: an ideal solution to many a manager’s control problem. Through this app, they can immediately see where the employee is, and at what time they started working. The employee can clock out whenever they want or need to. Furthermore, it also offers an easy and accurate way to register appointments with clients, so that any discussion about working hours can be nipped in the bud.

In short: one user-friendly app, many happy work-at-home employees, and just as many contented HR-managers. The ideal solution to make working at home a realistic option!

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