The summer holidays are upon us, which means that many employees will want to take their leave. What should you pay attention to when it comes to leave requests? This blog contains 8 essential points of interest. Use these for a smooth leave planning process!

1. First rule of accepting or rejecting

In principle, employees decide the duration and date of their holiday themselves. As HR manager, you can only reject holiday requests for a significant reason. If the company is at stake in such a way that the employee simply cannot be missed, their leave request should yield.

2. Exception to the rule

Everything comes down to well-understood agreements. It is allowed to arrange a certain time for employees to take their holidays, or ask them not to go on holiday at the same time.

3. Everyone is equal

Consider all leave requests in a consistent and fair way. Do not use favorable treatment for (a group of) employees.

4. Different religion, different holidays

Christmas, Pentecost and other Christian holidays are acknowledged days off. If there are employees of another religion at your company, be careful not to discriminate. You cannot deny them the right to celebrate their holidays.

5. Dealing with illnesses

Since January first, 2012, employees who are sick are allowed to take leave days. Indeed, it is even important to stimulate this, and remind your employees of the expiration dates of their leave. This encouragement has to be provable in writing. Thus, record this communication carefully.

6. Point out expiration dates

“My leave days have expired!”: a common exclamation since January first, 2012. Remind employees of the expiration dates of their unused leave days to prevent them from missing out on a well-deserved vacation. They need time off to keep functioning well.

7. Streamline leave policies

If you want to streamline the leave planning within the company, you should establish a leave policy. Are you aiming to adopt a leave agreement? First ask permission from the employees council.

8. Keep administration in order

Get to work with a leave registration system that clarifies requests and vacation days for everyone. This will help you work more efficiently, and will free up a lot of your time. Besides, the employees’ own administration will have to be used if management has not registered their leave days. All the more reason to keep your administration up to date!

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