The term “Efficiency” is music to HR managers’ ears. A system that eases the leave registration process is therefore more than welcome at the average HR department. Miriam Sekeris, assistant HR manager at Yang Ming, talks about her experience with “Leave registration is much easier and clearer now. That is exactly what we were looking for!”

“Solution for leave and time registration”

Yang Ming has been working with for about two and a half years. “At the end of 2014, we got into contact with the company through a simple Google-search,” tells Miriam. The introduction meeting was such a success that we decided to start working with the leave registration system in January, 2015. “We were looking for a solution for leave and time registration. At the time, we were handling these processes in our extensive salary payment software, but it turned out not to work for us. The options were too limited; for instance, we couldn’t see which employees were present on which days.

“User-friendly and transparent”

The implementation process was smooth and flawless. Miriam: “Someone came over to discuss our wishes so that these could be implemented into the package. Afterward, a comprehensive presentation was held. Finally, the system was installed, and we could start working with it!” The first use was very pleasant: “The system is very easy to work with. I find it has a very high user-friendliness level. It also offers the transparency we were looking for; we now know exactly who is present at what time.

“Always in development”

Another important advantage according to Miriam is the non-static character of “The application is constantly developing. I continuously see new functions being added; the reports are getting more extensive, for instance. That’s a very positive thing!”

“Very pleased”

Miriam rarely needs to consult the Leavedays support department, but when she does, she is pleased about the quick response rate: “When we send an email, we always get a reply within a few hours. But honestly, we don’t have to contact them very often. The leave registration process is generally very clear. Only very rarely do I need to change or cancel something with which I need assistance. We are just very pleased!”

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