More and more companies are going digital when it comes to HR. This means that practically every organisation possesses the necessary tools to efficiently handle their HR processes. Manual tasks and Excel sheets are becoming a nuisance to many. Computerization and user-friendliness: those are the key words. But how can you make them come true?

Digital HR tools: The receptive ground of the Netherlands makes life as an HR employee much easier – among other things by offering time registration. The app is an example of the scientifically founded digital developments which the Netherlands are leading. Research has recently pointed out that employees in the Netherlands are more likely to have access to HR tools than those in other European countries. But although Dutch companies have the desired digital HR tools, they are still coming up short. It takes more than that: the tools should be catered to the HR employees’ needs. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

How to select the right HR-tools? Two tips!

Would you like to use digital tools that truly make life easier for the HR department? Keep the tips below in mind.

1. Be smart about being mobile

The new ‘Smart Working’ trend is everywhere. This is evident from the fact that employees are increasingly working from their commute, on site, or from the comfort of their own home. Has your organisation embraced mobile working? Then it’s important to use a good time registration app with which employees can easily time their working hours., for instance, can be used to clock in or out from any location, so that the HR department can easily track all work times.

2. Give your employees a voice

A lot of problems can be avoided if you involve your employees in the registration process. Use a clear leave registration system they can access themselves. By giving them more responsibility and allowing insight into their (un)used leave, you can avoid discussions and ambiguity. This also gives you a chance to help employees with their long term wishes, such as taking a sabbatical.

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