How about we just get rid of vacation days?

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How about we just get rid of vacation days?


How about we just get rid of vacation days?

The summer months present a challenge for most companies. How can you possibly keep productivity levels high when your employees all just want to enjoy their vacations? If you want to keep your organisation running, you will have to disappoint some people, which is obviously not something HR managers love to do. Partly for this reason, a new trend has started to come up: discard vacation days completely.

With freedom comes responsibility

What happens when you let your employees handle their vacation schedules among themselves? In other words: what does leave look like when your personnel can decide among themselves who leaves when and how the work can keep going during colleagues’ absences? Does your company become one big mess? What do you turn to when conflicts arise? In practice, the average employee knows all too well that more freedom comes with more responsibility. Productivity levels and enjoyment at work will be boosted: most people put in more effort when they are given more power of decision.

How many leave days? However many you need

No vacation days and as much leave as you want: it seems to have become a substantial trend. Many internet companies and start-ups have already delighted their employees by becoming ‘pioneers in leave’. This Utopian story does, however, contain one very important note: there is a statutory minimum amount of leave days that have to be taken. How can you make sure that this still happens in a ‘free’ leave environment?

Leave registration: a structured unity

To prevent leave from becoming cluttered and obscure, you need a clear registration system. Employees should be able to take their statutory leave days and gain insight into their schedule to coordinate when they take their leave.

Will you decide, as an HR manager, to do away with the traditional ways of vacation days? Then choose a leave registration system which is accessible to all employees. This will create a structured unity!

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