Health initiatives or an old-fashioned pat on the back?

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Health initiatives or an old-fashioned pat on the back?

Health initiatives or an old-fashioned pat on the back?

Combating sickness absence: a goal most HR managers have set for their company. Hence, health initiatives are springing up like mushrooms. Ranging from fitness subscriptions to fresh fruits at the office: every possible effort is made to keep employees healthy. Unfortunately, the costs of such programs are often higher than the gains. The question is: which strategy does work? A good leave registration system goes a long way.

Personal attention

The biggest drawback of health initiatives is that they often lack personal attention. A pat on the back every now and then is exactly what you need when you don’t feel well. A capable leave registration system makes it possible to keep track of the contact between the employee and his/her manager, so that the HR manager is also up to date. This is beneficial when, for instance, the employee announces that he/she is feeling better and will be returning to the office soon, because this can then be taken into account by HR. Other than that, such a system also makes it much easier to communicate with the employee.

Social control

In the event that employees are absent from the office for more than a day, they are often missed by their colleagues. When it is the case that everyone can see when, and how often, an employee is absent, the social control within the company is enhanced. Moreover, employees will be able to compare their own absence to that of their colleagues. Employees can then take action themselves if any major discrepancies appear.

Lift their spirits

Sick people want to feel understood. A good leave registration system makes it easier to offer personal attention and an attentive ear. Regular moments of communication are scheduled and registered. Furthermore, it is possible to add extra functions. For example, the software offers the possibility to automatically send a fruit basket to employees when they register sick. A small gesture like that doesn’t cost much, but it means a lot: it strengthens the bond between you and your employees, and once they have recovered, they’d be glad to get to work as soon as possible!

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