Are senior days still relevant?

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Are senior days still relevant?

Are senior days still relevant?

People over fifty have a hard time finding work. The unemployment rate among this group is therefore relatively high. Employers often opt for younger employees, because they are cheaper in terms of wages, but also because some contracts contain senior days – extra leave days based on the age of the employee. For this reason, older employees tend to be more expensive. Therefore, the following question arises: are senior days still relevant in the current day and age?


Right now, elderly people have a substantial amount of leave days. As a result, they can use the leave days they have saved up to take early retirement, which is something that regularly occurs. Many older employees expect to still have this possibility. However, since the 2012 legislation on leave, serious limitations have been instated, and such a procedure is now only allowed with permission from the employer.

To slowly abolish such practices, many contracts are being revised. The rights of the ‘current’ seniors will remain the same, but employees under fifty will get a different arrangement. On average, this results in the loss of two leave days per year.

Obviously, there are drawbacks to these measures. After all, it could be argued that it is age discrimination: why can’t the ‘new’ senior employees profit, while the previous generation was able to reap the benefits of these extra days?

On the other hand, a strong point can be made in favor of these contractual changes: the amount of employments within a company will increase. Without these senior days, employers won’t have to deal with older employees being more expensive.

Administrative processing

Due to these changing contracts, HR managers will have to cope with processing different employments. If this is done in ‘traditional’ Excel sheets, it will surely result in a higher work load, and more difficult administration. A cloud based leave registration system will make these processes easy as pie. It allows you to incorporate multiple contracts, which can be linked to employees based on their ages; all in no time!

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