Special leave is a widely discussed topic in HR land. Due to the fact that it is a very wide concept, HR managers have a lot of options to consider. This blog summarizes the most important points to consider.

When is an employee entitled to special leave?

The Work and Care Act prescribes that members of staff are entitled to contingency leave when they are dealing with circumstances in their private life that demand an immediate interruption of work. For instance, this could be a sudden leakage in the employee’s home, but it also applies to a death in the family. As an employer, you will continue to pay their wages for those days off.

Furthermore, special leave can also be requested when an employee is moving house, or for a (religious) holiday. The latter evokes several questions within the work environment. What to do with employees who request leave for the “Sugar Feast” (Eid al-Fitr)? Are they allowed to switch a Christian holiday for this Islam celebration? Especially in a multicultural society like this, it is important to consider such issues.

Legally unrecognized holidays: what are your options?

The law does not contain specific rules when it comes to holidays which are religious, but not Christian. This makes it very important for you and your employees to have a look at the possibilities. We have listed some of them down here.

  • Check whether any agreements were made about religious holidays in the collective labor agreement. Perhaps it was established that employees can trade in a Christian holiday for another holiday.
  • Check whether your collective labor agreement allows for a ‘diversity day’. This day of special leave can be spent in accordance with the employee’s own wishes.
  • Include a flexible arrangement about religious holidays in your company regulations or in the employment contract.
  • If there is no special arrangement when it comes to this topic, let the employee take a regular vacation day.

Whichever option you choose, don’t forget that good leave registration is essential. That’s the way to keep everything organized!

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