No to punching the clock, yes to measuring: how to register productivity?

Output-driven work: that is the upcoming trend on the market. Employees are getting scrutinized more and more concerning their work rate. However, if your employees are allowed to plan their own time and place of work, how will you keep track of  issues like effectiveness and productivity?

HR managers would gladly give their employees more freedom, but are also looking for ways to find out how many hours have been put into the eventual output. How can you find that out?

Punching the clock is outdated

Many companies these days have an aversion to timing their employees’ work hours. Yet HR managers feel the necessity to know when employees are working, and what they achieve within that time. After all, one person may spend 10 hours on a task that can be done by a co-worker in only 2. Sometimes, it could occur that an employee is too late with submitting their output, but they indicate that they did work very hard to try to make the deadline. In such cases, it is helpful to have an overview of the work times of an employee.

For HR managers, these kinds of concerns are very difficult to estimate. That is why some sort of registration is indispensable.

Control? Yes, but without relinquishing flexibility

While on the side of HR, there is often a fear of malpractice, employees dislike supervision. It is essential to find a middle ground that answers to the needs of both parties. Luckily, such a system actually exists – namely, in the form of an app.

Regardless of whether employees are at home, commuting, or behind their desks, they can easily clock in on the app from their mobile phone. This allows them to keep their flexibility and freedom, while it also makes clear to their employer how much input they have contributed to arrive at the desired output. This way, it will also immediately become clear whether someone with a 40-hour contract actually works 40 hours!

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