There are numerous types of leave, and every type has its own laws and rules. This often makes it difficult to keep track of your leave registration. This blog offers tips for keeping it all organized!

Simplifying types of leave

Employees can request leave for various reasons. The question is: how specific do you have to make your leave registration system? HR managers usually do not need to know whether an employee is on leave for a moving day or an anniversary. Certain other circumstances do need to be recorded, for instance that an employee has taken special leave 10 times in a certain period of time. This could make a difference in the future.

Take into account that maintaining an clear overview of your leave registration means working broadly and generically. Subdivide leave into wide-ranging categories. It is advisable to at least add the following types of leave:

• Vacation days

Several legal conditions are attached to this type of leave. Employees can only be denied vacation days when the company is seriously at stake. Furthermore, there are rules regarding the expiration date of leave days, which you should bear in mind as HR manager.

• Contingency/sick leave

If one of your employees is dealing with a leakage in their house, or another contingency, they can take contingency leave. This category of leave can be merged with sick leave in your leave registration system, for they both depend on unforeseen circumstances which require your employee to attend to them.

• Time off in lieu

Extra leave balance in the form of time off in lieu can be accumulated through overtime and hours qualifying for extra pay. Employees can choose to take this time as leave.

• ATV (day off in connection with the reduction in working hours scheme)

Days off can be accumulated by employees through working more than their working schedule. Specific rules apply, so check whether this is contained in your employees’ contract!

• Special leave

Usually, this is included in the collective labor agreement, the contract or the company regulations. Anniversaries and moving days, among others, are included in this description.

Of course, you have to abide by the laws regarding the different types of leave, but your leave registration system needs to be as clear as possible. This makes leave registration a lot more transparent and straightforward!

Want to get working with leave registration?

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