A skiing accident! Now what?

In the depths of winter, many seek refuge in the frosted bliss of ski resorts. From adventures on the slopes to après-ski at the bar: your employees are enjoying their well-deserved leave days to the full. But skiing is a risky business, a snowy accident just waiting to happen. During the coldest months of the year, HR managers just might have to deal with unfortunate questions such as: what happens to leave days when an employee falls ill on vacation?

Ill during winter holidays: what to do?

If one of your employees was too reckless in dashing about in the snow and has gotten into an accident, it essentially means that during the days of the ailment, the employee does not have to use any leave. Thus, these hours will not be deducted from their leave balance, provided that the employee in question reports themselves sick and makes sure they can be contacted.

Exceptions: reported sick and still use leave

There are some cases in which the above does not apply. Employees have the possibility to keep using their leave days in spite of illness or calamity. Furthermore, certain contracts and collective agreements contain different written arrangements when it comes to exceeding statutory leave days. As HR manager, it is essential to be aware of such exceptions!

Going on holiday while sick

Finally, it could also occur that an employee who is already sick decides to go on holiday. Their employer and company doctor would have to be consulted; if they give their consent, the number of days of the vacation will be deducted from the leave balance. Naturally, it is important that the employee still receives their salary during this vacation.

The secret to an untroubled winter holiday? Registration!

Whichever choice your employee makes, it is vital to keep track of their sick reports and leave days with a reliable leave registration system. That way, you can easily remain informed of how many leave days and hours your employees have, and you can be sure that your employees will take to the slopes without worries!

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