A continuous stream of work: how can HR-managers possibly keep up with it?

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A continuous stream of work: how can HR-managers possibly keep up with it?

A continuous stream of work: how can HR-managers possibly keep up with it?

Productivity is at the forefront of our attention. Especially in the Human Resources area, being productive is a tricky business. As it happens, the average HR-manager can only work eleven minutes in one go. In this context, it is useful to think of efficient working methods. However, ensuring increased productivity within the business often takes up all your time, and you forget to focus on yourself.

HR-manager: the office’s walking encyclopedia

Imagine a busy Monday morning; you’re typing away. Just when you are on a roll with writing your report, an employee shows up at your desk with a question about his leave balance. You look up this and that, inquire into some things, and feed the answer back to the employee. Three procedures and a half hour later, you return to your report, only to get interrupted again after five minutes. Sound familiar?

HR: exclusively working with people?

Working in HR, managing people will always be part of the deal, simply because humans are its subject. In that respect, HR definitely entails working with people. However, this does not mean that HR-managers should be the go-to person for every single thing. When it comes to processes within the company, as well as employees’ functioning, it is often highly beneficial to embrace an IT solution. How come?

Manual input versus creating conditions

Many HR-departments still work with Excel sheets, in which all data is implemented manually. This makes for a more administrative function, while HR should mainly be about supervision and regulation. In an ideal world, the HR-manager would simply create conditions, and wouldn’t have to worry about the manual realization of all these tasks. The question is: how can this division of tasks be realized?

The solution: computerize where possible

The average employee requests leave about six to seven times a year. Managing the leave registration of all employees by hand could easily turn into a day job, while most leave requests could be taken care of easily if you are using the right tool. In that regard, computerization is the key. In real terms: set those Excel sheets aside, and use a cloud-based registration system instead. This will ensure that everyone in your company can access the right information, right away. As HR-manager, this software solution doesn’t only save time, but it also helps you to work faster and more efficient because all the information you need is always at the ready. Up-to-date information would even help prevent absenteeism: an overview is always available, so you can quickly accommodate the situation!

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