Leavedays offers two types of packages: the basic and the professional package. Below is an extensive description of both the packages we offer.


Leavedays BASIC

The Basic subscription allows you to design your own computerized workflow effortlessly, and provides employees, managers and administrative employees access to the leave balance and the occupancy of the department(s).


The Leavedays application contains all frequently used reports. It is possible to create reports on different levels (employee, department, type of leave, time period). These reports can also be exported. The .CSV export options allows the reports to be shown and adapted in Excel.

Email notifications

Every leave request, approval or rejection automatically causes an email notification to be sent to the person in question, according to the computerized workflow.

State overtime

Employees can state their overtime hours. Managers have the possibility to reject or approve these requests; when approved the hours can be added to the time off in lieu balance, if your company allows this.

Wetgeving & CAO

Leavedays offers the possibility to create varying contractual agreements per individual or group of employees which could deviate from the legislation.


All administrators have access to our support desk, which may be contacted when any questions or problems arise. Additionally, there is a support website, which offers detailed explanations of every process in the application, often accompanied by screenshots and/or instruction videos.



The Professional subscription allows access to all leave modules. Getting Professional will already be worth your while when you want to use two or more modules.

All of these modules are also available separately, as an add-on to your very own Leavedays Extra package, which you can compose yourself.

+ Mobile version

Our mobile website is available as an app  in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Employees can easily make requests from their smart phones, and see who in their department is on leave.

+ Linking to other systems through API**

An API (Application Programming Interface) allows you to extract almost all data from the system through queries. This provides the opportunity to link Leavedays with other systems. (Any potential costs to create this link are not included in the price)

+ Sick leave module

This allows managers and HR managers to register employees sick, and indicate when they are recovered. Furthermore, this module encourages documentation, because it is mandatory to fill in a description of the ailment and the measures that were taken.

+ Customized calendar module

This allows you to select per employee of which departments he/she can view the occupancy and leave. It is also possible to create a group of employees that will be shown in the calendar summary. This enables you to create a group of employees from different departments that will be shown in your calendar summary as a separate group.

+ Leave sale module

This module allows employees to make a request to have leave days be paid out. It is also possible to permit managers to make these requests for their employees, if so desired.

+ Acquire leave module

This module allows employees to make a request to buy more leave days in the system. Some of their salary would then be exchanged for extra leave.

+ Autorization flow plus

The default setting in the application authorizes the manager who is linked to a certain employee to assess their requests.

The advanced authorization flow provides the possibility to decide per type of leave that multiple managers have to assess the request before it gets approved. The status of the request is shown in an overview, so that the employee can exactly see who still has to assess the request, and who has already done so.

 + Import

This module can be used in case a cluster of changes need to be implemented in the Leavedays system. It allows, for instance, for employee data to be imported directly into the system using a .CSV file.



Additional modules in Leavedays

+ Monthly entitlement

Several countries employ monthly entitlement of leave, as opposed to the Netherlands, where leave is entitled yearly. Such a difference also has to be established in the system. This module can be used when the legislation of countries like France, Italy, or the USA is used.

+ Multiple administrations management

In case your company works with multiple administrations, as is the case with business units and subsidiary companies, it may be preferable that the registration of these administrations occur separately. Furthermore, an extra administration can be used to manage administrations from different countries with differing legislation.

+ Time registration

A time registration system makes it possible to see the presence and absence of all your employees at a single glance, which may be useful in the case of inspections or emergencies. Other than that, it is possible to manually register working hours to different projects or activities. The working hours can then be checked via weekly reports, and can then be processed as needed.