FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

All data is safely stored in a secured data centre, and the system makes a back-up twice a day. Moreover, Leavedays operates in a safe environment by using an SSL connection. This is a certified method, in which data is encrypted before it is transferred.


Leavedays allows you to use a multitude of different collective agreements within the same system. This system calculates automatically, and for every employee, the available balance for that year, based on every specific employment and collective agreement.


An online manual for Leavedays is available to you. You can access this as soon as you are logged in, using the “help” button. This button is placed in the top right corner and is displayed as a little question mark: (?).


If you want to stop using Leavedays, you only have to fill out our official cancellation form. Note: There is a two months’ notice before the end date of the year contract.

You can contact our support desk on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. with any changes that need to be made. These changes will be implemented immediately.

Leavedays uses year contracts. You will receive an annual invoice based on the amount of active employees/users.



It is possible to try out Leavedays for free for one month, free of obligations. Experience has taught us that an on site demonstration is even more useful, because it allows us to show you the entire workflow. Also, all questions that you might have can be answered instantly.


We offer a helpful API connection, which enables you to import and/or export data directly to your salary- or personnel information system. Also, all data can be exported to an Excel file without any effort at all.

Leavedays allows you to divide your employees into separate groups. In turn these groups can be connected to locations or administrations. This gives you the freedom to arrange and design Leavedays to your own liking. It is even possible to generate overviews based on an employee, a group, or even a location.

Every employee can select an individual language for emails and/or the application itself. Leavedays is available in 9 different languages: NED, ENG, GER, FRA, ESP, ITA, POL, RUS, and TUR.


Leavedays has customers all over the world, and is available in 9 different languages: NED, ENG, GER, FRA, ESP, ITA, POL, RUS, TUR. Moreover, Leavedays supports country-specific legislation for a number of countries. Please contact us for more information.


Leavedays has a separate module for sick leave registration. The manager will receive an email about the employee’s sick leave. The balance of the employee is immediately updated and gives a clear overview of the number of leave days. This kind of absence is also displayed in the calendar summary.


Leavedays is known for its personal service and the high quality of our support desk. During office hours (9 a.m. – 5 p.m.) you can always contact us with all of your questions.


You can order Leavedays either by telephone or via our website. After we receive a signed offter, we will immediately put you in contact with our consultant, who will help you with getting started.

The browser on your tablet/tablet and our specially designed mobile version give you easy access to our application.


Leavedays works everywhere on the world, on every computer. You only need an internet connection and a browser.

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