Leavedays offers a skillfull team of support professionals



Leavedays uses an extensive support website, which allows users to find information about (planned) maintenance as well as newsletters. On the support website, you can also download manuals, view product updates, and use our Leavedays Knowledge Bank.

All the answers to your questions are available on one single website, which contains all important information about Leavedays. The support website uses a knowledge bank which searches all sources at the same time. It works the same way as search engines like Google and Bing: enter a search term and all results containing this term are shown. Results will be taken from FAQs, Release Notes, Product information, and News items. The knowledge bank allows the user to have a quick insight into all information with only one click. The relevant information is available based on a system of clear articles, subdivided in logical categories.

In case the Knowledge bank does not supply the information you are looking for, you can ask the question by using the online form, or by sending an email to support@leavedays.com. Thus, if you have questions, desires, advice, or problems, concerning the use of Leavedays, you can contact our skilled team of support professionals on working days between 9 a.m and 5 p.m.


Leavedays also offers training on site. During a morning or afternoon, multiple people from your organisation can be trained at the same time, so that the knowledge is distributed as opposed to being concentrated in one person. Please indicate beforehand which subjects you would like to discuss, so that the training can be suited to your needs. Our possibilities reach beyond your imagination!



If there are any difficult implementations or changes in contracts, you have access to our consultants, who are ready to help you out. Our extensive knowledge and experience within the field allows us to be able to design the application completely to your needs. We can do this on site, or by supporting you over the telephone. We are at your disposal!